Liz is kicking off a new series in this video where she focuses on dynamic arrays. Although arrays are often seen as a simpler data structure, dynamic array questions often come up in interviews since they test a baseline understanding of key concepts.

In this video, Liz walks through a dynamic array problem and touches on how memory allocation & amortization works with array resizing.

Coding challenge prompt Liz walks through in the video:
Given an array (arr) of integers, return an array (products) such that products[i] is equal to the product of all the elements of arr except arr[i]. Solve without the division operator in O(n) time.

  • 1:10 The Problem
  • 3:15 The Naive Approach
  • 6:37 The Greedy Approach
  • 11:50 Coding a Javascript Solution
  • 33:22 What are Dynamic Arrays?
  • 34:16 Appending & Amortization
  • 38:24 Recap


Guide to Solving Dynamic Array Coding Challenges in JavaScript
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