React Native Images Picker Expo


Enables user to select from within his gallery’s albums.
The images are automatically sorted by the time they were created in the device.
Also enables you to define a single image selection and that way to use this plugin all over your app and keep the app design consistant.

Getting started

npm i react-native-range-slider-expo


Examples - display

Examples - code (reflects the short video above)
import ImagesPicker from 'react-native-images-picker-expo';
     const App = () => {
       const [isOpen, setIsOpen] = useState(false);
       const [selectedImages, setSelectedImages] = useState([]);

       const open = () => setIsOpen(true);
       const close = () => setIsOpen(false);

       const onSelect = images => setSelectedImages(images);

       return (
            <View style={styles.conatiner}>
                 <ImagesPicker isOpen={isOpen} onSelect={onSelect} close={close} />
                 <Pressable style={styles.itemContainer} onPress={open}>
                      <Text style={{ color: 'white' }}>open images picker</Text>
            , index) => (
                           <View style={{ marginVertical: 50 }} key={index}>
                                     source={{ uri }}
                                     style={{ height: 100, width: 150 }}

API - RangeSlider (default import)

Property Type Required Default
onSelect function yes -
close function yes -
isOpen boolean yes -
onlyOneImage boolean no false

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React Native Images Picker Expo
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