The Roadmap To Becoming a Node.js Developer.

Node.js has been one of the biggest game-changer since its release, bigger companies like Uber, Medium, PayPal & Walmart switched their tech stack to** Node.js.** You can make really powerful applications with Node.js such as real-time tracking apps, video and text chat engines, social media apps, etc. And learning Node.js is becoming one of the hottest skills for developers, the roadmap that I have prepared is based on how I learned it with my own experience and tips. Before deep-diving into this Node.js roadmap make sure that you have a _clear _&_ concise_ goal of what you want to build with Node.js otherwise you will give up in between the learning path just like I did. Keeping a goal will help you focus on learning the essential skills on the top, instead of figuring out whether you need to learn them or not.


1 .JavaScript

If you are a frontend developer looking to master some backend skills then you don’t have to spend a huge amount of time learning JavaScript before getting started with building Node.js applications. But in case if you are a complete beginner who’s looking to master Node.js in the minimum possible time then you must learn the following concepts before you deep dive into the Node.js environment.

  • Arrow Functions
  • Types
  • Expressions
  • Functions
  • Lexical Structures
  • this
  • Loops and Scope
  • Arrays
  • Template Literals
  • Strict Mode
  • ES6/ES7

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The Node.js Developer Roadmap for 2021
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