In this crash course you will know all about docker and why it was created, docker images, docker containers, dockerfiles, yaml files, dockerhub and more.
You will learn about docker basic commands
We will go through docker setup first and also the most important instructions in a dockerfile.
And lastly, we will have a closer look to what Docker can do by dockerizing a simple python program , and we will create a django application image and we will run it inside docker container.

Index πŸ“

00:00 Presentation
07:41 Docker installation
09:23 Basic docker commands and instructions
12:35 Dockerizing β€œHello Docker!” Python program
22:36 Dockerizing Django application

Sources 🌐

Source Code [hello-docker] :
Source Code [django] :
Docker Site :
Docker Documentaiton :

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Docker Crash Course 2021 For Beginners
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