A clone of The iOS Messages App using React Native


This is an iOS Messages app clone I created in React Native. It should be quite simular to the real thing.


How to use

  1. Download the Expo Client app on your phone.
  2. Scan this barcode:

  1. Or download this project and follow the development step.



$ git clone https://github.com/marcusfrdk/messages-clone.git messages && cd messages
$ yarn install

iOS Simulator

Development with an iOS simulator:

$ yarn ios

Android Emulator

$ yarn android

Real Device

$ yarn start

Then follow instructions in the new tab in your web-browser.


The only API I am currently using is https://randomuser.me.


Why did you create this?
Mostly for fun, but also to learn more about React Native and what is possible. I will be adding features I think Apple should implement as well.

How do I use this?
It will be a close copy from the real thing. Meaning if you already know the app, it should be fairly intuitive.

Can I contribute?
Of course, feel free to add your own features to it, that would only be fun! Make a PR and I will add it.

Can I use it for Android?
It works, but is not optimized. It’s neither created for the Android platform visually. Logically it works fine though.

Download Details:

Author: marcusfrdk

Source Code: https://github.com/marcusfrdk/messages-clone

#react #react-native #mobile-apps

A clone of The iOS Messages App using React Native
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