Today, we will learn how to use google recaptcha in laravel 6. you can simply add google recaptcha in laravel 6. we will add laravel 6 google recaptcha code with form validation using anhskohbo/no-captcha composer package.

Google ReCaptcha is a captcha like system, that provide security against hackers and sticks or curl requests. It assures that a computer user is a human. It is the best and most used captcha system available where users are only required to click on a checkbox and in some cases select some similar images related to conman question.

In this example, we will create simple registration form and implement google captcha code. before use google captcha code we will install “anhskohbo/no-captcha” composer package for google captcha. You have to just follow few step and you will get google re-captcha code in your laravel 6 app.


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Google ReCAPTCHA with Laravel 6 Example
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