We have a Jenkins instance that is running jobs in Docker containers on its host.

Eventually, we’ve faced with an issue when the current AWS Ec2 instance t2.2xlarge (8 CPU, 32 RAM) during peak workload periods was too overloaded — not enough CPU time, not enough memory.

So, the first solution could be to proceed with its vertical scaling for example up to c5.9large, and proceed running builds on the master-host, or by moving some jobs to external workers.

At this time, we have three such workers — Android-builds are running on a PC in our office with Android studio, in the office we also have a bunch of MacMini for iOS builds, plus we have an additional EC2 in AWS for our QA team to run their UI autotests.

Now, let’s add an ability to run jobs on workers in a Kubernetes cluster.

We are using AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service and in this post will check how to use Kubernetes Plugin for Jenkins.

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Jenkins: running workers in Kubernetes and Docker images build
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