Snipcart handles significant amounts of critical online orders, every day. Security is our main concern when handling information. We’ve gone the extra mile to ensure full security and privacy for customers and users, from the moment the cart pops up until the order is completed.

snipcart-https-ssl-certification.svgHTTPS/SSL certification

Every communication passing through Snipcart goes through our own servers and is thus encrypted through our SSL/HTTPS certificate. All the submitted information is coded and signed; it cannot be intercepted nor read by a third party.

snipcart-crawlback-security.svgCrawl back verification

It’s impossible for ill-intended individuals to alter the on-page HTML information to submit modified prices or quantities. For each transaction, we crawl back the merchant’s website to look for altered information, thus verifying the original information published by the merchant. In the dashboard, merchants provide us with a list of whitelisted domains & subdomains we can crawl.

snipcart-pci-compliance.svgSolid hosting security

Snipcart is hosted with PCI compliance specifications. We never store any credit card information. Each request to the Snipcart API is encrypted through SSL. When a merchant uses Stripe, Pin Payments or PayPal Express Checkout, no credit card numbers go through our servers.

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How We Handle Security for E-Commerce Websites
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