You can now build your serverless workloads in a Docker container with FaaS. I gave it a try and here’s my review.


Among all the new features and services that AWS announced during the re:Invent 2020, my favorites were definitely the AWS Lambda updates. And there were many! For example, your code execution is no longer rounded up to the nearest 100ms of duration for billing — you are now billed per millisecond [1]. On top of that, AWS increased the Lambda’s memory capacity to 10 GB [2], and correspondingly the CPU capacity up to 6 vCPUs [3]. But today, I want to dig deeper into something even more exciting — from now on, AWS Lambda doesn’t require packaging your code and dependencies to a zip file. Instead, you can now do it with a Docker container image that can be up to 10 GB in size.

Personally, I consider this a game-changer for many serverless use cases. Here’s why.

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Deploying AWS Lambda with Docker Containers: I Gave it a Try and Here’s My Review
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