Let’s dissect interfaces and be come masters of the trade

I feel obliged to make an article about interfaces since it’s one of the features in Go that amazed me the most. I’m not gonna lie, it took me a while to get comfortable using them, but when I passed the learning threshold I started loving them.

It’s not that Interfaces are hard or complex, but learning the habit to use them and the mindset seem to confuse many. In this article I will try to use a lot of examples so that we not only learn how to use them, but also when.

Inter — What now?

Let’s start at the beginning and review the basics before we move on.

An interface is a collection of method receivers. What that means is that we define a rule, that any type that has ALL methods described, is part of an interface. It might be worth reminding people what a method receiver is as well. It’s when we apply a method to a type. The gist below shows an example, this works for both pointers and non-pointers.

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Interfaces in Go
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