Multi Layer JSON for Angular ng-repeat format

My Data looks like this:

    "TravelerExtended": {
      "ExtendedInt_1": {
        "#text": "0",
        "Label": "Do you require the hotel has a spa or fitness center?:"
      "ExtendedInt_2": {
        "#text": "0",
        "Label": "Do you prefer to be prechecked into your room?:"
      "ExtendedInt_3": {
        "#text": "0",
        "Label": "Connecting/Adjoining rooms, when traveling with family?:"

Then, my $scope is this:

define(function () {
    return function ($scope, $ticket, $person, $http, $el, $app) {
        // TODO
$scope.is_loading = true;

var params = {
    url: "",

    // Any other parameters will be sent as-is
    // to your remote web service.
    // For example, here we are sending an 'email' parameter:
    id: $

$http.get('DP_URL/agent/misc/proxy', {params: params}).success(function(data) {
    $scope.is_loading = false;
    $scope.profiles = data;




Then, of course, I have the HTML output trying to use the various NG functions:

<div ng-repeat=“traveler in profiles”>
Extended Profile
<div ng-repeat=“profile in traveler.TravelerExtended”>

        &lt;li ng-repeat-"field in profile.ExtendedInt_1"&gt;{{field.label}} {{field.#text}}&lt;/li&gt;


I can’t seem to figure out how to get to the third level of data. It seems that that perhaps the initial data load is malformed, or that I just am bungling up the ng-repeat functions.

#angular #angular.js

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