This video on Python for Data Science will make you understand the basics of data science in 5 minutes. You will then learn the important libraries in Python for DS, such as NumPy, Pandas, and Matplotlib. You will get an idea about the DS concepts along with mathematics, statistics, and linear algebra.

We’ll then focus on some of the essential data science algorithms. We’ll also learn about feature selection, cost functions, and PCA. Finally, you will learn How to become a data scientist in 2021? Let’s begin!

00:00:00 Data Science in 5 min
00:05:20 Data Science Libraries in Python
00:20:53 What is Numpy
00:50:27 Python Pandas
01:42:48 Matplotlib Libraries
03:11:42 Mathematics for Data science
04:49:03 Linear Regression
05:23:16 Logistic regression
05:59:45 What is Decision Tree
06:24:25 Random Forest Tutorial
07:34:58 K-Means Clustering
08:55:28 Feature Selection in Machine learning
09:48:18: PCA
09:16:49 Cost Function
10:47:23 How to become a Data Scientist in 2021?

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Python For Data Science Full Course | Data Science With Python Full Course In 12 Hours
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