Building RESTful APIs in different languages with different approaches and design patterns have always been as trending as being on a harder learning curve. This is due to focus on a lot of abstraction in code, the pain to get the project started and many more reasons. Upon that, to write test cases for the implemented services is also a pain in the neck.

Go gives you the privilege to write REST APIs in a very easy, elegant and concise way. In addition to that, Unit Testing in Go is also very easy and one command to hit to run the test cases.

As this article is just about writing unit test cases in Go, I would assume that you would know how to write REST implementation in Go.

To get a deeper insight into this simple assignment, you can look into this example.

I have attached the postman collection for an easy import, sql dump and also has an attached readme file so that you can get started with the simple assignment.

So let’s begin

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Unit Testing for REST APIs in Go
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