How To Use Excel FILTER Function With Multiple Criteria & Return Only the Columns You Need

How can you use the Excel FILTER function with two criteria in different columns? The video today gives you a more detailed explanation as well as more examples on how to use the FILTER function to tackle different data challenges.

The FILTER function in Microsoft Excel allows you to filter a range of data based on criteria. This criteria applies to a single column. But what if you need to use the Excel Filter function and apply a condition that applies to multiple columns? You might need to include two or more columns. You might need to account for AND conditions - i.e. the criteria applies to each column, or you might need an OR condition: the criteria applies to either column. There is a trick you can use with the FILTER function that helps you account for multiple columns easily. Once you learn how Excel calculates the FILTER function in the background, you'll learn how to account for any condition, value or criteria you need. Learning this will make you an Advanced Filter functions specialist :).

I'll also show you the new way of using the FILTER function and returning only the columns you need: Combine FILTER with the CHOOSECOLS function to return only the columns you need.

00:00 Using Multiple Criteria within the Excel FILTER Function
00:41 Multiple Criteria With AND 
04:58 Multiple Criteria With OR
05:51 FILTER function to return specific columns with CHOOSECOLS
07:09 FILTER Multiple Criteria In The Same Column
09:19 Wrap Up


Use Excel FILTER Function with 2 Criteria in Different Columns
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