16 React Native Password Component Libraries you Should Know in 2020

1. React Native Confirmation Code Input

A react-native component to input confirmation code for both Android and IOS

"React Native Confirmation Code Input"


  • A user-friendly component for inputting confirmation code
  • Extended from component, so you can use its props
  • Built-in type of code input: underline, box, circle
  • Set position: center, left, right, full width
  • Set size and active color, inactive color
  • Easy to customize style, use base style from TextInput component
  • Check code on finish or return code for async checking
  • Clear code on fail
  • Use React Native ES6

2. React Native Passmeter

Simple password strength meter for React Native.

"React Native Passmeter"

3.React Native Pincode Input

React Native Pincode Input. (iOS Lock Screen style)

"React Native Pincode Input"


  • Pincode Input shake animation.
  • Supports Accessibility.

4.React Native Awesome Pin

This repository is no longer actively maintained. It has been extracted into two other packages to be more reusable: react-native-pins and react-native-screen-keyboard.

A highly interactive and customizable PIN code screen for React Native.

Plug and play PIN screen with dozens of props (can be themed to suit your brand).

Keyboard and PIN components can be used independently for more fine-grained customization.

Animations and micro-feedback included to create a great user experience.

"React Native Awesome Pin"

5.React Native Otp Input

@twotalltotems/react-native-otp-input is a tiny Javascript library which provides an elegant UI for the end user to input one time passcode (OTP). It handles the input suggestion on iOS when the OTP SMS is received. For Android, it will autofill when the user presses the copy button on the SMS notification bar. It also features a carefully crafted flow to handle edge cases for volatile user gestures. We provide default UI, but you can always customize the appearance as you like.

"React Native Otp Input"

6.Nextcloud Passwords App

"Nextcloud Passwords App"

A mobile app based on react-native for Nextcloud Passwords App.

7.React Native Keycode

"React Native Keycode"

Show the user a input form for a fixed-length code or password.

8.React Native Pin View

Easy, convenient, quick-forming PinView component. https://taluttasgiran.com.tr

"React Native Pin View"

9.React Native Pincode

"React Native Pincode"

A PIN code component for react native

10.React Native Smooth Pincode Input

A cross-platform, smooth, lightweight, customizable PIN code input component for React Native.

"React Native Smooth Pincode Input"

Most PIN code inputs components implemented by combining several TextInputs. They works, however, not good enough. When user types fast, or system sluggish, characters may lost when component switching focus between TextInputs. User need to type over and over again to get a correct input, gave a frustrated user experience.

React Native Smooth Pincode Input implemented with a different approach - It’s based on single TextInput but only render it as seperated fields. In other words, it looks like a PIN code input, but works as smooth as a native TextInput.

React Native Smooth Pincode Input is also highly customizable. By exposing cells and text stylesheets, it can be fully customized to fit in your app design. Password mode also supported with customizable mask characters as well as placeholders.

Checkout the example/ for demo app.

  • Smooth typing without losing inputs
  • Customizable cell style
  • Customizable text style
  • Password mode
  • Customizable password mask and placeholder characters
  • Built in animations (Credit to react-native-animatable)

11.React Native Fingerprint Scanner

"React Native Fingerprint Scanner"

Provide Fingerprint, Touch ID, and Face ID Scanner for React Native (Compatible with both Android and iOS)

12.React Native Pin Code

A simple pin code component for react-native

"React Native Pin Code"

13.React Native Touch Id

React Native Touch ID is a React Native library for authenticating users with biometric authentication methods like Face ID and Touch ID on both iOS and Android (experimental).

⚠️ Note: This library is not currently actively maintained. If you’re looking for something more stable that “just works”, the awesome folks over at Expo have begun open-sourcing some of their modules for compatability with React Native projects not built with Expo. As such you can attempt to use their equivalent library called LocalAuthentication at expo-local-authentication if you run into any issues here!

"React Native Touch Id"

14.React Native Show Password

"React Native Show Password"

A creative way to hide/show hidden text value

15.React Native Lock Screen

An easy-to-use, customizable and Material Design ready Pattern/Pin Lock view for Android & iOS.

"React Native Lock Screen"

16.React Native Gesture Password

A gesture password component for React Native. It supports both iOS and Android since it’s written in pure JavaScript.

"React Native Gesture Password"

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16 React Native Password Component Libraries you Should Know in 2020
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