Cross-site scripting is one of the prominent attacks of all time. It is still being exploited in the wild. Cross-site scripting is always not about popping an alert box with some random crazy string or domain or cookies. Cross-site scripting vulnerabilities can be chained with other low hanging issues to make a critical impact. It is an obvious impact people write in their report** an attacker can steal session cookies of victim user **but the question here is how many people are actually exploiting it? usually with a stored XSS, the priority is “medium to high” but if you can actually steal session cookies, you can take over “Victim Session” and do what not making severity as “critical”.

The objective of writing this post is to explain the importance of cross-site scripting, chaining it with other attacks, and leveraging higher profits with low hanging fruits.

Hello fellow Hacker & Bounty Hunters, in this post, I will talk about how I was able to perform privilege escalation to Admin Account with a simple stored cross-site scripting chained with some low hanging fruits.

In a nutshell, the story talks about -

  • Quick Overview of XSS and Stored XSS
  • Exploiting Cross-Site Scripting
  • Finding Low Hanging Fruits
  • Chaining Vulnerabilities
  • Getting Admin’s Session Cookies
  • Hijacking Admin Session and Privilege Escalation of Attacker to Admin
  • Kicking off Admin for Fun :D

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Found Stored Cross-Site Scripting — Privilege Escalation like a Boss
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