The current stage of the project only to the interface -RationalVueGUI

The current stage of the project only to the interface. For the time being, just record the work of the interface.

1. File structure

For the time being, only the file structure of the GUI interface file is introduced

The interface folder structure mainly refers to the following figure:


The corresponding folders of each GUI module are as follows:

  • DataZone:
  • ​ DataZoneLeft
  • ​ DataZoneRight
  • DimensionReportZone:
  • DimensionReportZone
  • GraphiceZone:
  • ​ GraphiceZone
  • OperationZone:
  • ​ OperationZoneLeft
  • ​ OperationZoneRight
  • PaintZone:
  • ​ PaintZone
  • MachineStatusZone:
  • ​ MachineStatusZone
  • StatusBarZone:
  • ​ StatusBarZone
  • MenuBarZone:
  • MenuBarZone
  • MainWindow: Main window
  • MainWindow

2. How to use

There is a class under the directory of each module, and the person in charge of the module only needs to modify this class. You can create a project in Qt Creator, and then change the usual mainwindow to the corresponding class name. After designing the interface in Qt Creator, copy all the .cpp, .h, .ui, .prc and used resources (pictures, etc.) under the project to the corresponding folder (main.cpp does not need to be copied, and only the front Files, resources are the resources you want to use, such as pictures in the project).

3. Construction steps

  • Software dependencies:
  1. cmake
  2. qt
  • Construct
  • Run the file directly, or follow the instructions below.
#Enter the root directory, if you open git bash in the root directory, this step is not necessary 
cd RationalVue

#Create a directory, and enter the directory, build the project inside, build can be changed
mkdir build 
cd build
cmake -G "Visual Studio 15 2017 Win64" ..

4. Run

  • After the previous step is completed, a .sln file will be generated in the build folder, which can be opened directly with VS.
  • Then follow the picture below


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The current stage of the project only to the interface -RationalVueGUI
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