If you claim to be a front end and skillful web developer, then it’s safe to say that you’re ready for just about any site-creating challenges. However, the same cannot be said when creating your web developer _resume _format. The whole point of creating an appropriate resume is to attract the _hiring manager _by your soft skills and work experience and engagingly tell your story all-through.

That said, it is not that big a deal to create an eye-catchy cover letter. And this is more so than you have so many free _resume templates _and inspiring concepts to choose from.

So, without wasting more time, let’s cut to the chase!

Six mind blowing tips to follow to make a catchy web developer resume

Here’s a complete guide on how you make a catchy web developer resume with minimum fuss.

i. Firstly, Choose a Visually Clean, Symmetrical & Easy-To-Read Layout

Before you start inputting your experience section, skills section, and technical skills, you need to design a proper layout. Creating a visually appealing web developer resume is crucial for your employment success.

Please keep it clean, lucid, and symmetrical. That is the most crucial rule in picking a layout. Furthermore, many candidates create their resume using text editors. But that is risky. Whenever one uses text editors to create resumes, it often hides information in the header and footer. And that leads to failure in the ATS test as the system cannot determine your skills, contact, and location.

In contrast to this, resume writing specialists recommend using professional online free templates. They not only pass all metric tests but are crisp, clean, and engaging. Plus, they even help your cover letter avert any technical traps.

Use these resume templates unhesitantly. In addition to them, you can even consider using a mobile app resume builder to create a catchy web developer resume.

ii. Create a Proper Resume Header & Include Your Present Contact Details

Moving on, the header is an essential aspect of any resume. However, many underestimate its importance and don’t give too much importance to it.

Don’t think like that. Your resume header sits atop everything. This makes it the very first thing which strikes the attention of the hiring manager.

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How to Make a Catchy Web Developer Resume — Complete Guide
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