This video tutorial is an in-depth tutorial about how to create music downloading Website For Free Using WordPress, free theme, and free plugins.

Apart from the domain and the hosting everything used in this tutorial for this music website are free.

Table of Content
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:46 The website we are going to create
00:06:47 WordPress Settings
00:13:22 Installing free theme (Kadence theme)
00:15:22 Installing Plugins
00:20:27 Creating Pages
00:24:55 Creating Categories
00:26:16 Creating Menus
00:32:35 Creating Post
00:42:53 Creating Sliders
00:49:14 Designing Home page
01:05:36 Theme Customization
01:19:04 Designing Contact Us Page
01:31:52 Designing About Us Page
01:41:25 Designing Services Page
01:54:00 Conclusion


Build Your Free Music Download Site: WordPress Tutorial
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