Google Keep Clone with ReactJS and Firebase

Google Keep Clone with ReactJS and Firebase

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.

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Features include:

  • Adding of notes which are then saved to firebase database on the cloud
  • Fetching and Listing notes from firebase
  • Edit/Update any selected notes on the go
  • Delete any selected notes

Live demo

  • A video demonstration is at You first need to have internet connection.

  • For local demo, clone the repo on your machine by issuing these commands on your command prompt:

    • git clone
    • cd google-keep-reactjs-firebase
    • yarn start or npm start and a new tab will automatically open in your browser. If not, just open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.
  • For online demo, Open to view it in the browser.

Issues, Feature Requests, and Contributing

Please make sure to read the full guidelines. Your issue may be closed without warning if you do not.


  1. Before reporting a new issue, browse through the issues to see if your similar issue hasn’t been in existance.


  • Kindly write an indepth description of the bug alongside a demonstration(image/video) for better understanding.

Feature Requests

  • Write a detailed issue, explaning what it should do or how.
  • Include screenshot (if needed)


  • Fork the repo then clone the forked version locally.
  • Do your modifications in the dev branch (if not existant, kindly create a new one).
  • Ensure that your version is totally working at your end.
  • Send a PR(Pull Request)


Coming Soon

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Author: waptik


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Google Keep Clone with ReactJS and Firebase
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