Hey folks, welcome back with a new chapter of the Kubernetes for Beginners tutorial series. In the last article, we discussed Kubernetes config maps, and today we are going to discuss Kubernetes Secrets.

When we develop applications, we keep our passwords and other sensitive data such as usernames, keys etc secured. Security is one of the main factors we need to consider when developing enterprise applications. Most of the time developers encode and save them. In the last article, we discussed how to move variables into a ConfigMap and store them. But the issue is these values are stored there in a plain text mode. This is definitely not the best method to store a password.

So, there come Kubernetes secrets. Secrets are used to store sensitive data. They are just the same as ConfigMaps but in secrets, data is stored in encoded or hash format.

A secret can be created and used in two simple methods. First, create a secret and inject them wherever you want to use it in Kubernetes.

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Kubernetes for Beginners  (Kubernetes Secrets)
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