What is Blaze DeFi (BNFI) | What is BNFI token

The** Blaze Network** team is developing an all-in-one Erc20 wallet with a built in marketplace for buying and selling of goods and also including e-commerce like betting games in online casino.

Blaze Network (BLZN) delivered such product as per roadmap and already been listed in several exchanges.

Blaze Network

1. Blaze Wallet (Available now on Google Playstore https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.blazenetworkwallet.app)

2. Blaze (BLZN) tokens for betting in online casino (on-works)

3. Marketplace (on-works)

4. Blaze DeFi

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And now, Blaze Network will go DeFi!

Blaze DeFi presale will live soon!

Blaze DeFi (BNFi) is part of the ecosystem project of the Blaze Network that grew out of the bear market.

Quick info of BNFi


  • Total supply: 100,000
  • Presale: 50,000
  • Uniswap Pool: 20,000
  • Staking: 20,000
  • Airdrop/Promotions: 7,000

Team Tokens: 3,000 locked 🔐 for 2 years by Team Finance


Presale: 50,000

Price: 0.002 eth/BNFi — 1 ETH: 500 BNFi

Listing price: 0.004 eth/BNFi — 1 ETH: 250 BNFi

With Blaze DeFi, the Blaze Network and it’s ecosystem will grow and will continue to level up in Decentralized Finance.”

What is Blaze DeFi?

Blaze DeFi is one of the features of Blaze Network. It offers:

1. Multi-staking (Yield farming, and fixed APY staking)

2. Decentralized Gaming App

3. Decentralize Exchange

4. Borrowing/Lending

One of the biggest main points that we’ve learned in DeFi is the yield farming, staking, borrowing and lending.

So Blaze DeFi will give opportunities to BLZN holders to join liquidity staking by adding liquidity on Uniswap and stake it on our staking pool.

Rewards are:

1. wETH

2. BLZN/ETH — both shares

3. BNFi/ETH — both shares

4. BNFi/BLZN — both shares

Its a great deal of Blaze Network project to yield more earnings and rewards.

Our staking pool will be unique. Once someone purchase and sold, shares from each pool will auto trade creating more transactions and more earnings. It adjusts the holdings of a pool.

It is designed to force constant trading leading to more pressure of burning tokens.

Deflationary Assets

  • BLZN got a burn rate of 2%

  • BNFi got a burn rate of 5%

Yield farming using deflationary assets are very great.

1. Lowering supply

2. Shares per pool will level up

3. The tokens were burning leaving more ETH in the pool.

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What is Blaze DeFi (BNFI) | What is BNFI token
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