A sample Apache Cordova application using VueJS


A simple apache cordova sample project using Vue, Vuex, Vue-router, ESLint and Webpack.

Getting Started


To use this you’ll need Node.js v6 or newer.


via Github

$ git clone https://github.com/TheMushrr00m/cordovue.git MyAwesomeApp
$ cd MyAwesomeApp
$ yarn install
$ yarn build
$ yarn android
$ yarn ios

As simple as that!!

Route: ‘/’ Cordovue app

Route: ‘/#/about’ Cordovue app

Please, change MyAwesomeApp with your folder name.
Then, you can open the app in your browser by visiting localhost:8888

What’s included

  • yarn dev: Webpack config for source map & hot-reload.
  • yarn build: Production build with HTML/CSS/JS minification.
  • yarn prepare [ ios | android ]: Set the platform. Example (yarn prepare -- android).
  • yarn [ ios | android ]: Run in the iOS simulator / Android emulator. (Running in another terminal). Or physical device.
  • yarn compile [ ios | android ]: Build the app for the specified platform. Example (yarn compile -- ios). (Coming soon).
  • yarn clean: Clean the platforms/ and dist/ folders. (Coming soon)


Presenting Cordovue - Spanish


  • Tests (is it necessary?).

Download Details:

Author: TheMushrr00m

Source Code: https://github.com/TheMushrr00m/cordovue

#vuejs #vue #javascript

A sample Apache Cordova application using VueJS
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