You’ll build a clone of the Asteroids game in Python using Pygame. Step by step, you’ll add images, input handling, game logic, sounds, and text to your program.

Do you want to create your own computer games but like Python too much to abandon it for a career as a game developer? There’s a solution for that! With the Pygame module, you can use your amazing Python skills to create games, from the basic to the very complex. Below, you’ll learn how to use Pygame by making a clone of the Asteroids game!

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to build a complete game, including:

  • Loading images and displaying them on the screen
  • Handling user input in order to control the game
  • Moving objects according to the game logic
  • Detecting collisions between object
  • Displaying text on the screen
  • Playing sounds

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Build an Asteroids Game with Python and Pygame
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