CrudJS implemented as a REST API, using Nest.js and Postgres

CrudJS + Nest.js + Postgres + TypeORM

The CrudJS project implemented as a REST API, using Nest.js and Postgres.

What's this CrudJS thing?

Glad that you asked. CrudJS intends to be a resource for comparing between different approaches for people building Node.js-based APIs, by applying them to an standard CRUD project. In other words, it's TodoMVC for APIs.

You can learn more about the project at our parent repository.

Trying out the API

On your local machine

You'll need Docker for that. Once you've got it installed on your machine, just clone the repo and run the docker-compose up --build command. The API will be listening for your requests at http://localhost.

On the cloud

We're still working on a deployment strategy that works for us. Stay tuned!

What's the stack used in this project?

  • Nest.js is a TypeScript-based Node.js API framework. It looks like if Angular and Express got physical. It's pretty knew and a bit rough around the edges, but Kamil Myśliwiec is doing an awesome job maintaining it.
  • Postgres is a very well know Open Source relational database.
  • TypeORM is an ORM built on TypeScript, so it makes it a natural choice for Nest.js projects.
  • Jest is a testing platform from Facebook Code. It's easy to configure and provides out-of-the-box mocking and code coverage reporting.

Current version


What's missing for 1.0.0 final?

  • Unit tests with mocked up dependencies.
  • Secured POST & DELETE endpoints (other that /entries.)
  • Swagger definition generated from code.

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Author: crudjs
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License: Apache-2.0 license

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CrudJS implemented as a REST API, using Nest.js and Postgres
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