Earlier this year, we ran our annual developer survey. We want to thank you for the close to 30k responses, which will help us make Angular better! This post discusses the results we received and how they connect to the projects on the  roadmap .

How easy was your last major version update?

We ran the survey right after our version 9 release, which introduced the most significant changes since we originally published Angular in 2016. Thanks to the enormous test coverage we’re getting from the over 2,600 Angular projects in Google, we had high confidence in backward compatibility. At the same time, given the scale of the changes Ivy introduced, we were expecting low levels of satisfaction regarding the ease of update.

We were happy to see that 54% of respondents had a smooth migration experience, only 8% found the process to be hard, with 38% being neutral:

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Ease of last Angular version update

After the releases of versions 10 and 11, we received even better feedback for keeping up to date from  social media.

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Developer Survey 2020 Results
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