A little comedy for all of us right now.

As a programmer, I prefer to work alone when I’m writing codes. I can manage to survive my daily war with a headset on and playing my Taylor Swift favorite music.

However, I still look for different ways to unwind and clear my mind, which is why I came up to write this simple article with the hope to entertain other fellow programmers even in less than a minute.


A conscript army, 99% of which is cannon fodder. Ignoring command orders is common practice, as often as throwing sabers at enemy tanks. Soldiers who decide to compete leave her mostly ashamed of having ever served in her.


A self-proclaimed formation consisting of complex soldiers who stubbornly call themselves an army. It never goes to the battlefield on its own, its mercenaries join the units of the stronger troops, and after the campaign is over, they are the first to join the order. It is not hard to imagine that this support usually causes more problems than the main forces’ benefits.


Efficient and well-equipped army, considered to be even elite. Unfortunately, to serve in it, you must swear an oath of allegiance to a commonly hated arms corporation. In the event of a breach, shooting is the mildest possible punishment.


The orders are simple and numbered so that the soldiers do not get lost in them. Unfortunately, soldiers are not the most intelligent, and apart from moving here or there and shooting everything they see, they cannot be forced to do anything.


Soldiers get parts and tools for backpacks instead of weapons. If they have time before the battle, they can build a tank or an F16 out of them, but they often get it wrong, and their F16 blows up in the air, or they fly upside down and shoot whipped cream.

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If Programming Languages ​​Were Armies
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