Collection of essential Vue Composition API

Collection of essential Vue Composition API (inspired by react-use)


  • 0 dependencies: No worry about your bundle size
  • Fully tree shakable: Only take what you want
  • Type Strong: Written in Typescript
  • Seamless migration: Works for both Vue 3 and 2
  • Browser compatible: Use it though CDN
  • Interactive docs & demos: Check out the Storybook!
  • Optional Add-ons: Firebase, vue-i18n, etc


import { useMouse, usePreferredDark, useLocalStorage } from '@vueuse/core'

new Vue({
  setup() {
    // tracks mouse position
    const { x, y } = useMouse()

    // is user prefers dark theme
    const isDark = usePreferredDark()

    // persist state in localStorage
    const state = useLocalStorage(
        name: 'Apple',
        color: 'red',

    return { x, y, isDark, state }

Refer to functions list or documentations for more details.


for Vue 3 (vue-next), (Demo: Vite, Webpack)

npm i @vueuse/core**@vue3**

for Vue 2 with composition-api polyfill

npm i @vueuse/core**@vue2** @vue/composition-api 

Please register the Composition API Plugin before using APIs.


<!-- For Vue 3 -->
<script src=""></script> 

<!-- For Vue 2 -->
<script src=""></script>

It will be exposed to global as window.VueUse


You can check out the full documents and live demos in Storybook.

More functions to be added. Please keep turned. (PRs are also welcome!)


The core package aims to be lightweight and dependence free. While the add-ons are wrapping popular packages into the consistent API style.

*   [`useFirestore`]( — reactive [Firestore]( binding
*   [`useRTDB`]( — reactive [Firebase Realtime Database]( binding

Technical Details

The Versioning

For every release, it will release two versions of this package. The 3.x.x is used for Vue 3 and the 2.x.x is used for Vue 2. We use the major version number to distinguish the different target versions will the minor and patch numbers are shared in both packages.

Different between 3.x and 2.x

For 3.x build, we use the API from @vue/runtime-dom, and for 2.x, it’s @vue/composition-api. All the functions exported in this package behaves the same.

// 3.x build
import { ref } from '@vue/runtime-dom'

// 2.x build
import { ref } from '@vue/composition-api'


See the Contributing Guide


This project is heavily inspired by the following awesome projects.


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Collection of essential Vue Composition API
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