Introducing Mantine: A New React Component Library


Mantine is a MIT licensed open source react components and hooks library with focus on usability, accessibility and developer experience.




  • Customization – colors, fonts, shadows and many other parts are customizable to fit your design needs
  • Dark theme – mantine supports dark theme by default in all components
  • Accessibility and usability – all components follow accessibility best practices and feature full keyboard support
  • TypeScript – all @mantine/ scoped packages are built with TypeScript and support it by default
  • Ready for production – mantine is well tested and works in all modern browsers
  • Developer experience – mantine comes with more than 50 components and 15 hooks to cover you in most cases
  • No annoying focus ring – with new :focus-visible pseudo-class focus ring appears only when user navigates with keyboard
  • React JSS – take advantage of all react-jss features: automatic critical css extraction during ssr, lazy evaluation, dynamic theming and others
  • React and Preact – mantine works flawlessly with preact

Download Details:

Author: mantinedev
Live Demo: View The Demo
Download Link: Download The Source Code
Official Website:
License: All Mantine packages have MIT licence. All Mantine dependencies also have MIT licence, except react-transition-group package which has BSD-3-Clause license.

#react #mantine #javascript #web-development

Introducing Mantine: A New React Component Library
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