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Getting roadside assistance is one of the on-demand trends ruling the trucking industry right now. As of the present situation, people are increasingly passionate about making travels right for meeting a variety of their day-to-day business as well as the personal needs. As a result, the city roads and highways are filled always with lots and lots of vehicles passing by. There might be chances that the vehicles get stranded out in a highly unexpectedly at times due to some technical breakdowns that are common in any vehicle type whether it might either be a truck or a two-wheeler or any other.
So, what could we do as a vehicle owner or driver at those times of unexpected damages? Probably we feel stuck out as we might be travelling with any type of urgency. Here is where the on-demand roadside assistance apps come in to help us come out of this strange situation of vehicle breakdowns right by providing timely assistance in relation to the vehicle recovery.
Uber like on-demand towing apps entered the market right away in providing helping hands to those who get stranded out in a highway with their vehicles get repaired. Yes! It is obvious that with the utilization of on-demand roadside assistance apps, anyone can get done with their vehicle repair instantly on the go with ease right by investing only a little amount of time, effort and money.
Because, people don’t need to go out to the nearby mechanic shops in order for their vehicles to get repaired. Instead, they can just make one or taps right in the app so that the nearby service providers would come directly into the spot to pick up the broken vehicles for repairing. The cost incurred for the same as well looks to be very less comparatively to the traditional repairing options available.
What is on-demand towing app development like uber?
The world’s famous brand uber has a business model shaped for providing on-demand roadside assistance, which is nothing but the towing app. Yes! On-demand towing app development like uber is just a replica with all the features and functionalities as same as that of the uber’s towing business model.
Why there comes a need for on-demand roadside assistance apps:
Just imagine a situation that you get stuck out in the middle of a highway and you don’t find any vehicle repairing service providers nearby. Its really hard to handle as you need to carry your stranded vehicle right to any shopand that itself is very much tedious to do. Yet it seems to be one of the most difficult situations that you have ever crossed, there is no need to be stressed. Just relax because now you can have a brand-new business solutionto ease out your process of stranded vehicle recovery.
Yes! it is none other than the on-demand roadside assistance apps belonging to the family of uber. Uber has most recently introduced a towing service app which is the uber for tow trucks. With this app, it has now been made easy that you can recover your vehicles that get damaged instantly with free of hassles. Here is where exactly the need and demand for on-demand roadside assistance apps like tow trucks come into the scene.
So, if you find your vehicle stuck somewhere on the road, then don’t worry. Just raise a service order in the uber like towing app so that you can get your on-demand roadside assistance service just in some couple of seconds.
Scope of on-demand towing app development like uber:
Uber like towing app development is quite beneficial for both the customers and the towing service providers/business owners in a lot of ways. Yet, we might have come across some confusions that whether there is enough scope for towing in the industry right now or not. If so, then do look at the following:
• By the year of 2018, the entire worth of the towing market was valued at around 6.9 billion US Dollars and it is suspected to reach 4.34% more by the year 2024.
• Specifically, the market for on-demand roadside assistance apps have been on the rise since from a long time ago with a net worth of around 18 million US Dollars.
Reasons for the rise in demand of the towing apps like uber:
• Increase in vehicle usage and the traffic on the roadside in the recent past.
• Lack of timely service in relation to vehicle fix.
• Increase in the towing market size due top the blemishing growth of the logistics and e-commerce sectors.
Advantages that the uber like towing apps offer to the users:
• Security: the transactions made by the users are kept safe and secure in the app as the payment gateways integrated are furnished with multiple layers of security. This in turn ensures the privacy and confidentiality, thus gaining trust of the users.
• Affordability: the apps provide the users with the service cost just before taking the service itself. Hence the users are fee to have the cost estimate right before their service adoption and hence can decide their affordability range.
• Feature packed: the app has a variety of modern cum advanced features so as to meet the varying demands of the users.
• Priority fix: the users can set up the service priorities of their choices when there comes a need.
• Support: the users can have the instant and prompt assistance from the app in terms of getting out the necessary service. Hence there is no need for the users to wait for a long time.
Exclusive features of the on-demand roadside assistance apps:

  1. Users’ section:
    • Login: the users can login to the app via the social media credentials in a hassle-free manner.
    • Filters: Facilitate searches to find out the required services in the app.
    • Order scheduling: the users are open to schedule orders either now or in prior to taking the services as per their choice of preferences and needs.
    • Alerts: The users will be getting notified with alerts upon any updates made in the app in terms of service order initiation or adoption.
    • Chat: The users are allowed either to make calls or chats with this feature that is pre-built in the app so that they can have the necessary connects with the drivers or the service providers as and when needed.
    • Reviews: the users can rate their experiences right by posting reviews about the services and the service providers so that the new users will have access over it.

  2. Service providers’ section:
    • Login: The service providers can register themselves and log in to the app right to have access over taking up the service orders.
    • Availability toggle: the drivers can expose their mode of availability by updating their status frequently in the app so that the customers will get to know about it at ease.
    • Notifications: This feature is to make the service providers aware of all the ongoing activities and updates of the app.

  3. Admin section:
    • User management: this is to manage all the user profiles efficiently right to keep up the integrity of the app in real time.
    • Analytics and payments history: This is to keep the business analytics and payment reports in pace with meeting the varying business demands.
    Advanced features:
    • Live Geo-location tracking: This feature enables the users to track the exact location of the nearby towing services provider in real time. This in turn helps out in knowing the availability status of the drivers and their estimated time of arrival (ETA).
    • Job history: This allows the users of the app to get timely updates about the previous and the future service bookings and their respective statuses at ease.
    • Service request: This feature allows the users in raising the required service requests at the right time or at the earliest as possible.
    • Booking cancellations: The users can either edit or make cancellations with their service requests if needed.
    • Accept/reject requests: the service providers can either accept or reject service requests based on their convenience and availability status.
    • Fare estimation: The users can have the real time estimate for the services rendered via the app.
    • Invoice: This feature makes the users get generated with their service-related invoices so that they can make flawless payments for the services opted out in the app.
    • Offers/promos: The users will be given some discounts either in the form of promos or coupons right to have them stay connected with the app in a long run.

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Uber for Tow trucks App | On-demand Roadside Assistance App | Towing Service App
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