React Native Scrollable Decorator: Easily Add Scrollable Functionality


The @scrollable decorator lets your scrollable React Native components conform to a standard interface, making it easier to compose components. This lets you compose different types of ScrollView-like components while preserving the ScrollView API, including methods like scrollTo.

See ScrollableMixin for the mixin version of this decorator.

npm package


npm install react-native-scrollable-decorator


Decorate your scrollable React components with @scrollable and implement getScrollResponder(), which must return the underlying scrollable component's scroll responder.

let scrollable = require('react-native-scrollable-decorator');

class InfiniteScrollView extends React.Component {

  static propTypes = {
    renderScrollComponent: React.PropTypes.func.isRequired,

   * IMPORTANT: You must return the scroll responder of the underlying
   * scrollable component from getScrollResponder() when using @scrollable.
  getScrollResponder() {
    return this._scrollView.getScrollResponder();

  setNativeProps(nativeProps) {

  render() {
    var {
    } = this.props;
    return React.cloneElement(renderScrollComponent(props), {
      ref: component => {
        this._scrollView = component;


By decorating your custom component with @scrollable, your component gets the ScrollView API. For example:

class App extends React.Component {
  render() {
    return (
        ref={component => { this._scrollView = component; }}
        renderScrollComponent={props => <InfiniteScrollView {...props} />}

  _scrollToTop() {
    // By having all scrollable components conform to the scrollable standard,
    // calling `scrollTo` on your top-level scrollable component will
    // successfully scroll the underlying scroll view.
    this._scrollView.scrollTo(0, 0);

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Author: expo

License: MIT license

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React Native Scrollable Decorator: Easily Add Scrollable Functionality
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