12 Awesome React Native Framework Libraries You Should Know


Galio is one of the coolest UI libraries you could ever use, licensed under MIT. Carefully crafted by developers for developers. Ready-made components, typography, and a gorgeous base theme that is easily adaptable to each project.

Try our showcase app, built with the help of our cool community! galio-starter-kit https://galio.io/


React Native Diagnose

A react runtime diagnose component


  • Testing native applications is complicated
  • There are features that can only be tested on a device, unless mocked
  • You may want to test your app on a production build, before submit it to the stores

"React Native Diagnose"

React Native Expo Scaffold

React Native starter kit built with expo hooks. Generates a working cross-platform mobile app.

React Native Expo Scaffold
This is a scaffold, using the Crowdbotics framework, for creating self-contained mobile apps.

It uses React Native, with Expo, for the frontend and Django scaffold as a backend.

"React Native Expo Scaffold"

React Native Included Features

  • Redux and Redux Thunk
  • React Navigation with Redux Integration
  • NativeBase UI Library
  • HTTP API Client Wrapper for fetch
  • ESLint Config using Airbnb’s Style Guide
  • Initial Home Screen


SwiftUI-compatible framework for building browser apps with WebAssembly

At the moment Tokamak implements a very basic subset of SwiftUI. Its DOM renderer supports a few view types and modifiers (you can check the current list in the progress document), and a new HTML view for constructing arbitrary HTML. The long-term goal of Tokamak is to implement as much of SwiftUI API as possible and to provide a few more helpful additions that simplify HTML and CSS interactions.

If there’s some SwiftUI API that’s missing but you’d like to use it, please review the existing issues and PRs to get more details about the current status, or create a new issue to let us prioritize the development based on the demand. We also try to make the development of views and modifiers easier (with the help from the HTML view, see the example below), so pull requests are very welcome! Don’t forget to check the “Contributing” section first.


Blinkid React Native

SDK for scanning and OCR of various identity documents. Contains Javascript wrappers for React Native framework and sample code.
This repository contains example wrapper for BlinkID native SDK for Android and iOS. For 100% of features and maximum control, consider using native SDK.

"Blinkid React Native"

Mobile Wallet

QRL Mobile wallet
This mobile application is based on the react-native framework to provide an Android and iOS implementation of the QRL wallet.

"Mobile Wallet"


An integration test framework for React Native
Cavy is a cross-platform, integration test framework for React Native, by Pixie Labs.

Cavy tests allow you to programmatically interact with deeply nested components within your application. Write your tests in pure JavaScript and run them on both Android and iOS.



Customizable set of components for React Native applications

Shoutem UI is a set of styleable components that enables you to build beautiful React Native applications for iOS and Android. All of our components are built to be both composable and customizable. Each component has a predefined style that is compatible with the rest of the Shoutem UI, which makes it possible to build complex components that look great without the need to manually define complex styles.


React Native Windows

React Native is a framework developed by Facebook that enables you to build world-class application experiences on native platforms using a consistent developer experience based on JavaScript and React. The focus of React Native is on developer efficiency across all the platforms you care about - learn once, write anywhere.

This repository adds support for the Windows 10 SDK, which allows you to build apps for all devices supported by Windows 10 including PCs, tablets, 2-in-1s, Xbox, Mixed reality devices etc.

Visit the official React Native for Windows & Mac website to learn more.

"React Native Windows"


React Native starter kit with over 40 screens and modern Light and Dark theme for creating stunning cross-platform mobile applications.

This perfect starter kit is an app based on React Native and UI Kitten library with Light and Dark themes support. It’s completely free and Open Source. Compose the application from available screens, add backend integration and you will end up with A-grade cross-platform mobile application. The themes can be changed in the runtime, without any need of reloading the application.

Download a live Demo published on both App Store and Google Play or simply run it yourself by cloning a GitHub repo.


Key features:

  • Built with TypeScript.
  • Dark and Light themes could be used simultaneously and changed on the fly.
  • 40 ready-to-use stunning screens – for any domain: e-commerce, social, fitness, etc.
  • Huge variety of customizable layouts, use “as is” or add new blocks from the UI Kit.
  • Integration with Eva Design System allows you to create mobile application staying in brand style and get clean, consistency design

React Native Android Kit

A set of native Android UI components and modules for React Native framework. The purpose of this kit is to offer to React Native developers some new Android native components that are currently not implemented by React Native core team. For example, some components from Android Design Support Library are now available through this kit.

"React Native Android Kit"

React Native Ui Kitten

react-native-ui-kitten is a framework that contains a set of commonly used UI components styled in a similar way. The main idea of this framework is to move style definitions into a specific place making components reusable and styled in a single way. You just focus on business logic and it takes care of visual appearance.

"React Native Ui Kitten"

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12 Awesome  React Native Framework Libraries You Should Know
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