Are you thinking about running SQL Server in Kubernetes and don’t know where to start…are you wondering what you really need to know? If so, then this Data Exposed episode is for you. When deploying SQL Server In Kubernetes key considerations include data persistency, Pod configuration, resource management, and high availability/disaster recovery scenarios. In this episode with Anthony Nocentino, we’ll look at each of these elements and learn how to deploy SQL Server in Kubernetes

[00:55] About Kubernetes

[03:08] Deploying SQL Server 2019 in Kubernetes Demo

[05:25] SQL Server Big Data Clusters


Learn How to Deploy SQL Server 2019 in Containers in Just Minutes

What are SQL Server Big Data Clusters?

Deploying SQL Server 2019 in Kubernetes

Deploy a SQL Server container in Kubernetes with Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)

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Deploying SQL Server 2019 in Kubernetes
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