Learn how to use Provider to manage state in your Flutter apps in this video tutorial. Provider is a popular state management library that is easy to learn and use. This video will teach you the basics of Provider in just 7 minutes.

Learn about all the essential Providers in Provider package in just 7 minutes! Learn about Provider, ChangeNotifierProvider, StreamProvider, FutureProvider, MultiProvider, ProxyProvider, Consumer and more in this video!

(00:00) Misconceptions about Provider
(00:36) Provider
(01:01) Reading Data using static method 'of'
(01:29) ChangeNotifierProvider
(02:46) Reading Data using `listen:false`
(03:24) Consumer
(04:07) StreamProvider
(04:54) FutureProvider
(05:08) MultiProvider
(05:46) ProxyProvider
(06:52) Conclusion

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Flutter Provider State Management Explained in 7 Minutes
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