What’s New in NativeScript 6.0?

NativeScript 6.0, a huge milestone for the framework is finally released with  a  theme  “Productivity”. The community has revealed that they have been working from 1.5 years to achieve their goal and today, they have announced 6.0 the latest version with innovative features and functionality which will change the future Cross-Platform Mobile Application industry.

These features aims to improve developer productivity through multiple ways like faster delivery of patches, updated Tabview, Native core theme and many others. Additionally, it can support development with Microsoft’s variant, Angular platform and Vue JS framework along with this it can also support the new Android X library for enabling use of the latest features of an Android Version.

Let’s Explore The Few Features Of NativeScript 6.0.

1)     Support for Angular 8:

This updated version of NativeScript can support  Angular 8 along with its rendering engine, lvy. The aim of this to provide more functionalities such as better file creations, lower compilation time and many more. This latest version can also enhance the application performance when compared to older version.

2)     Dark Theme:

This NativeScript 6.0 is providing a new dark theme to their users to deliver a native look and user friendly experience. We know that dark theme is getting extensive popularity as days are passing. The iOS 13 features even includes a dark mode facility hence, if you don’t want your mobile application look really off then you need apply this changes as soon as possible.

3)     Full Support For Font Icons:

Font icons are a good technique which is mostly used by Web And app developers. It can be a  good technique for developing mobile app in NativeScript also. Yes! Through this you can spare from dealing with resource images, different sizes and etc.

The older version had a few limitations that you can use font icons only in special places such as the TabView, ActionBar and the components of image. Which is fixed by this latest version of NativeScript now you can able to use font icons where you want.

You can refer the source code.

4) Core Theme:

We all want to build interactive and pleasing mobile application in a short time. So, to develop mobile application quickly NativeScript comes up with the core theme functionality which will provide you common UI infrastructure. Through that you can make consistent and interactive user-friendly interface. There are more chances that  the next version of a theme will come with several improvements.

5) Updated With New Flexible Layouts:

The latest open-source development version has introduced new flexible layouts such as TabView which helps to design complex layouts easily and more effortlessly. Likewise, it has also declared that the new version of NativeScript will consider “markingMode:none” as default option to develop new mobile application. This will help you to increase the speed of building Android application by 30%.

Moreover, these are the few features of recent version of NativeScript- Open source framework. You must explore all the features of NativeScript 6.0 in-detail from a recently published blog Nativescript 6.0: Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Simplified with Value Offerings. Thanks for Reading.

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What’s New in NativeScript 6.0?
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