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One week ago, I wrote an article about HTML & CSS projects, which you can do to practice your skills and start building your coding portfolio. Then I also promised you the second part of this list, javascript project ideas for beginners.

I know how hard it may be to find some nice ideas to build projects when you would like to practice the skills you’ve just got but don’t create another boring todo list. When I was learning Javascript, every time I wanted to build something for practice, I wanted to build something that I can grow, add new features, and make it more advanced. But it wasn’t easy to get the right idea.

That’s why I decided to create this three-particle article to share some nice project ideas for beginners with others who are learning new front-end skills and would like to build something awesome.

When you start creating projects and building your new portfolio, it’s very important to create a Github account, so you can keep your projects in the repository and be able to show it to your future employers.

As always, I’ve got a video version for you, because a lot of us prefer watching content and then reading it, so here it is!

Are you ready to discover my 9 Javascript project ideas for beginners?

Javascript project ideas for beginners

Every front-end developer has to learn specific skills, and starting with HTML and CSS is pretty obvious, as it’s essential. After this step behind you, and you got familiar with coding the layouts, using CSS frameworks like Bootstrap and creating animations in CSS, then it’s time for you to go to the next stage.

Usually, it’s learning Javascript, and besides the theoretical knowledge you need to get, you have to practice. And that’s the point where this listing becomes useful for you.
So, let’s start with the list of project ideas you can do while you are a Javascript beginner.

1. Clock

One of the easiest and basic projects which you could start from in Javascript is a simple clock. It should display the current hour, minutes, and maybe seconds. If you’d like to make it a little more advanced, please feel free to add the current date. What you can practice in this project is updating the value by using setInterval() Javascript method.

If you’d like to grow this small project, you can build a timer, where the user could set a time for the countdown or stopper.
If you don’t have an idea for the design, feel free to check the example I’ve prepared for you.

Javascript idea for projects for beginners

2. Simple Image Slider

Another idea for Javascript beginners I would suggest you build is an image slider. You may say that there are plenty of ready sliders, which can be used in the projects for free, and that’s true. But in my opinion, it’s really worthwhile to understand how it works from scratch, and there’s no better way to find out, then create it. And you can have this slider in your repository and use it for later to use it in your other projects.

3. Form with Validation

The third idea for the Javascript project for beginners is form validation. It’s another useful project that will teach you very practical usage of the programming language.

Focus on the Regex to validate the values like email or phone number, which are a little bit more complicated than just a simple string or number.

You can show the tooltips with the information on what is wrong and what should be changed on every validation error.

Feel free to get even more creative and try to build an eye-catching form that you can show in your portfolio.

Javascript idea for projects for beginners

4. Progress Bar

The next idea for the project is to build a progress bar. It can be a simple bar with the animation every few ms and changing the color on loading.

You may try to code a nice effect after the progress bar reaches 100%.

Take into consideration that you will be able to reuse the script like this in other projects or convert it to a reusable framework component.

5. Simple Tax Calculator

Another idea for the Javascript project is a tax calculator. The application should consist of the input for a taxable amount and the button that will let you trigger the function, which will calculate the net salary.

For the purpose of the training project, you can use a simple tax rebate from your country.

Here’s the example of the calculator.


Javascript idea for projects for beginners

6. Joke of the Day

The sixth idea for the Javascript project is to create an application that has a base of 50 jokes, and it randomly shows the joke of the day.

This is kind of an entertainment application, and you can do different variations of it. You can display the photo of the day, the gif of the day, or the news of the day.

The main idea is to focus on selecting a random item and display it.

Javascript idea for projects for beginners

7. Quiz

The seventh idea for the project is the quiz. Build a Javascript code that will display a bunch of questions with answers selected randomly from the bigger set of data. Then take the user answer and calculate the result, plus 1 point if the answer is correct, and 0 if the answer is wrong.

You should also take care of resetting the state of the quiz at the end and display the result of the quiz for a particular user.

8. Voting System

The eight ideas for the project to practice Javascript is a voting system. You can create it in two different ways.

The first one is to add one voting object and add two possibilities like YES and NO. Then users are voting by those two options, and after voting, you can display the result.

The other option is to display a few voting objects and make them the option to vote at once. So, let’s say you have three images, and when users click on any of them, then the voting is done. And here as well you can show the result after voting.

9. Hangman Game

The other application is a great idea for beginners, but a bit more advanced is a Hangman Game.

The game should have an input where the user can guess the word or the letter. Users should be limited to some amount of guesses, for example, 10.

When it’s the last guess and user is not able to pass the correct word, the game is lost; otherwise, it’s won, and the user gets the point.


In this article, I listed 9 Javascript project ideas for beginners, which you can use to practice your skills and start building your coding portfolio.

If you missed part one, HTML & CSS project ideas, feel free to jump here.

Besides that, remember to create a GitHub repository for each of those projects, to be able to show your code to your future employers.

If you don’t feel confident enough and need some guidance to feel free to check out Duomly’s Courses, our YouTube Channel or Duomly’s blog to build some projects with us.

I hope you’ll find this listing useful at the beginning of your front-end career.

Also, remember that part 3 is coming in the following day, with the other project ideas for front-end frameworks.

Thank you for reading,

Anna from Duomly

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9 Javascript project ideas for beginners, that help you to build a coding portfolio
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