Machine Learning has become a boom lately, everyone is doing it, everyone’s learning it and implementing it. Although there are many things which still need to be cleared in terms of  concepts and  approach.

There are a few questions that one must surely ask while delving into machine learning and solving problems of the same. These questions are, what is the approach? How to start off? What is the underlying problem? Which algorithm would fit the problem, the best? Etc.

In this article, you will learn  step-by-step how to answer these questions by yourself whilst solving machine learning problems.

In the first step, we will learn more about where to use machine learning. In the second part, we will learn which algorithm to use, on a specific use case. And lastly, we will use how to have clean visualizations so that it gives the best results in terms of pictorial representation.

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A Complete Guide On How To Approach A Machine Learning Problem For Beginners
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