Reasons Why You Should Consider Redesigning the Ecommerce Website

A Website is the most important marketing tool for every e-commerce business. An attractive, easy-to-use, and responsive website is essential for success. Potential customers, while researching, check the organization’s online presence along with its competitors before making a decision. If the site is poorly designed or is outdated, it can potentially hinder the organization’s growth.

Many businesses understand the importance of a user-friendly website but don’t know how to design an engaging site.

Website redesigning entails changing the layout of the site and the way information flows, improving user experience. It is difficult to undertake website redesigning even if the brand hires an e-commerce development company to do it. The process requires investing a lot of time and resources.

In this article, we’ve enlisted a few reasons to assist you in determining the right time to invest in the website redesign.

Difficult to navigate

When potential customers visit the website, they should be able to browse it easily. They shouldn’t struggle to find the necessary information. Poor navigation leads to a higher bounce rate.

If it’s too challenging to navigate the pages and find the required information, the visitors would abandon the site and go to a competitor’s page instead. Fortunately, proper planning and adequate redesigning enable businesses to create a website that keeps the visitor engaged.

Content marketing strategy

Content marketing enables brands to establish trust, build credibility, and increase website traffic. If the site does not have an engaging content strategy, they should consider redesigning the website. It will make it easier for the customers to find the content and for the company to cultivate a lead database and implement marketing automation.

Website redesigning assists companies to set a better foundation for a successful content marketing strategy.

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Outdated technology

Websites created with Adobe flash are difficult for search engines to read and access on mobile devices. While those running on obsolete plugins often glitch and lead to a higher bounce rate.

Updating the website with the latest technology and plugins enables it to perform better and provide a seamless experience.

The website is not mobile-friendly

A majority of the website traffic comes from mobile devices nowadays. If the website is not mobile-friendly, brands could lose potential clients along with their SEO rank.

To check if the website is mobile-friendly or not, simply enter the URL on Google’s test tool. After receiving the result from the tool, businesses can determine if they need to redesign or not.

If the result is negative, we suggest immediately revamping the website. On the other hand, if the result is positive, the website will look and work properly on the mobile device.

Change in branding and marketing strategies

Branding and marketing strategies tend to evolve over a span of time. Businesses must adapt to changes in the industry and the shifts in customer behavior.

Companies that have remodeled their brand and marketing assets should redesign the website to reflect proposed changes. It should be an integral part of their rebranding strategy. Otherwise, customers might get confused after landing on the website from a social media post, Google search, or an online advertisement. For instance, if the site’s color pattern is not consistent with the ad, it may look like they’ve landed on the wrong website and leave in confusion.

When an organization is consistent across all its marketing channels and customer touchpoints, it attracts more loyal customers. It also builds trust and makes it easy for the employees to support the brand they represent.

Slow website

Visitors prefer a website to load in two seconds or less. If it takes any longer, they can get frustrated and abandon the site. To check the speed, enter the URL in Google’s PageSpeed Insights. After the analysis is complete, the tool will display how fast or slow the website is.

Usually, the website is slow because of the images that haven’t been optimized for web use. Companies using WordPress can employ ShortPixel to compress all the images on the site. Apart from that, businesses should always save the website images in the appropriate format- JPG for images of the office, products, and employees, PNG for logos, or any images that require a transparent background.

A few other reasons for a slow website could be- poorly designed plugins, too many styles or script files, not using any caching mechanism, and more.

A website redesign that takes into account optimization techniques can assist in speeding things up.

Final Thoughts

Website redesigning can give the company a whole new look. It offers businesses a fresh start and assists in revamping digital marketing efforts.
As we roll into 2021, consider how you can improve the website and start making changes to enhance its performance. It’ll assist the site in driving more valuable traffic and leads for the business. If you are not familiar with website designs, hire a digital marketing agency. At Oodles Marketing, we understand the importance of a fast loading and user-friendly website and assist clients by remodeling their sites to increase traffic, user engagement, and overall business growth. For further information, contact us here.

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