Rich Harris, the creator of Svelte, lifted the curtain over the experiments that have been taking place around Svelte (the UI framework and compiler) and Sapper (Svelte’s application framework). Harris gave a glimpse of a potential future in which Svelte is a serverless-first framework.

While warning the audience of the experimental nature of what will be shown in the talk, Harris nonetheless enthusiastically detailed its motivation:

I haven’t been this excited about Svelte since probably the launch of Svelte 3 and over the next 15 minutes or so I’m going to explain why that’s the case. […]

What I’m going to show you […] isn’t an official announcement from the Svelte team [though the team is aware of it and supports it]. [There isn’t] any guarantee that’s going to happen [or] any guarantee of when things are going to happen. […]

It’s about the future of web development more broadly and there are some ideas out there that I want to try and help push into the mainstream.

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The Next Svelte May Be Serverless-First -- Rich Harris at Svelte Summit
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