Your guide in your career as a web developer

It is quite simple to explain who a web developer is because the activity of this specialist includes only the IT-sphere. But in the profession of a web developer, some nuances are no less important than the principle of work itself.

The easiest way to understand what a web developer is doing is to become familiar with the realm of web development. As the name implies, this activity is based on creating all kinds of solutions for the network (on the Internet).

In particular, the profession means the development of sites and various web applications and everything connected with it (for example, programming the servers with which the site or application interacts).

In creating websites, a web developer writes its source code in one of the appropriate programming languages, following either the wishes of the customer or the layout of the designer.

It is important to understand here that a specialist does not just do the layout, “translating” the layout into a language that the browser understands (HTML), but also develops all kinds of algorithms, loops, arrays, etc., on which not only the appearance of the site depends but also its functionality and interaction with servers. Of course, the same thing happens in application development, but in this case, a markup language like HTML is not used as often.

It is customary to divide this work into 2 types of activities, through the description of which it is much easier to understand who a web developer is:

Front-end developer

Responsible for what the end-user sees, hence the name associated with the “front end.” In this case, a specialist creates an interface (UI), various visual elements, built-in applications, and makes a layout. The main goal is to build a project that is convenient and understandable for clients. Uses CSS, JavaScript, HTML (markup and programming languages).

Backend specialist

Develops various solutions for servers and, in general, creates server technologies (on the servers, calculations are made from sites, and all data from them are stored). In simple terms, the backend processes requests from the frontend, giving the end-user what he wanted to get, which is displayed on the front-end side.

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Your Roadmap to Becoming a Successful Web Developer
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