Learn about Life cycle of Java Server Pages (JSP) & its Various stages - Translation, Compilation, Class loading, Instantiation, Initialization, Request Processing, Destruction

This article deals with the life cycle of JSP. From its translation to destruction, each and every path followed by the JSP has been discussed in detail. Prior to the discussion of the Life cycle, a basic difference between the web server, container, and application server has been discussed. Various stages and methods of JSP have also been mentioned.

Life Cycle of JSP

As the term suggests, the Life cycle can be defined as the process from creation to destruction along with the series of changes. The same applies to the life cycle of the Java Server pages. It can be defined as the procedure of origination till destruction, including all the phases a JSP follows. Further, we will discuss-

  • Difference between Web Server, Web Container and Application Server
  • Different stages in the life of JSP
  • Discussion of each stage in detail.

Before starting off with the life cycle, it is of utmost importance that we know the difference between a web server, web container and an application server.

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Life Cycle of Java Server Pages (JSP) - Introduction, Phases and Methods
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