15 Best MLM Plans for your Multi Level Marketing Business

Multi-level marketing is one of the most popular and successful business models. Companies all over the world have been implementing this model for nearly a century. Members have to be very passionate, committed, hard-working, persistent, and focused to make money through MLM. The success of someone in MLM also depends on the company they are affiliated to and the plan followed by the company. There are many MLM plans followed by multi-level marketing companies. Here we will have a look at the 15 best MLM plans for your multi-level marketing business.

Binary MLM Plan

The binary MLM plan is one of the most popular MLM plans out there. This plan supports business and distributor growth by fostering teamwork with highly attractive benefits. The binary MLM plan uses a two-legged structure where new members are put on either the left or right leg. One leg is called the power leg while the second leg is called the profit leg. Binary MLM plan is easy to understand for beginners, which encourages distributors to attract more new members to the network.

Matrix MLM Plan

In a matrix MLM plan, members are organized into a set number of rows and columns, defining the number of distributors that can be sponsored by members on their primary level. The plan is also called the forced matrix MLM plan or ladder plan. As the width is limited, companies can recruit more distributors in the downline and maintain a limited set of top-level members. The plan is represented as width X depth, and the most common matrix MLM plans are 3X9, 2X12, 4X7, and 5X7.

Choose the right MLM plans for your Network Marketing Buisness

Board MLM Plan

The Board MLM plan is another version of the matrix MLM plan. It is often called the revolving matrix plan. Similar to the matrix plan, it is suited for a limited number of people. A board is the main part of this plan and the number of members in the plan depends on the type of board used. The 2x2 board plan is the most common where each member has to enlist 2 recruits till all the positions on the board are filled. After that, the board is divided into two sub-boards and the top members are advanced to higher levels.

Unilevel MLM Plan

The Unilevel plan is one of the most popular MLM plans out there because of its simplicity. It can be easily implemented for small and large organizations. The primary aim of this plan is to enlist as many distributors and arrange them evenly. There are no restrictions on the width of the Unilevel plan. Members can recruit as many new distributors in their downline and develop a more potent and extended network. The unilevel plan is easy to understand and requires comparatively less training. So it is deemed ideal for beginners and part-timers.

Party MLM Plan

The party MLM plan is implemented by marketers for advertising their products by hosting events like get-togethers, home parties, or similar gatherings. During these occasions, products will be displayed for sale and recruitment of distributors. This can also be considered as a form of direct selling. Traditionally, the members of party MLM plans were mostly women. Lately, many men are also joining the plan. Products such as cosmetics, utilities, electronics, supplements, etc... are usually preferred for Party plans.

Gift Plan

The gift plan is an opportunity for members and companies to earn large profits in a short period. It is also called a donation plan, help plan, or money order plan. The gift plan is strictly speaking not a typical MLM plan. The basic concept is to send a gift to one user and receive gifts from several users. People are attracted to this plan because of its simplicity and the potential to earn a significant income.

Hybrid MLM plan

As the name suggests, a hybrid MLM Plan is a mixture of more than one MLM plan. The most common hybrid combination is Unilevel and Binary MLM plan. This plan can be customized extensively according to the requirements of the customers. As the network grows wider and longer, the commissions and rewards depend on the downline members available of the team. The limitations of individual MLM plans can be compensated by combining the plans.

Australian Binary plan

The Australian binary plan is highly similar to the tri-binary MLM plan. The requirement of pair matching in the tri-binary plan is the major difference between them. Australian binary plan provides quick commission generation compared to other similar plans. Members have the option to enlist more than two linear recruits. They can produce extra parallel legs other than the left and right ones.

Generation Plan

The generation plan is an MLM plan with a high emphasis on product selling. It is also called a gap commission plan or repurchase plan. This plan is popular among MLM companies in the FMCG sector because it maintains the member's motivation for selling, despite the level or generation they are in. In the generation plan, downlines are split into separate levels called generations. Commissions and rewards diminish as the generations progress.

StairStep Plan

The stairstep plan is one of the oldest and most trusted MLM plans. Members can create a network as large as they want for the front line of distributors. The plan is similar to the unilevel MLM Plan where there is an unlimited number of front-line positions. There is a percentage attributed to each level as it progresses to be deeper. Once the team develops, it will “Break Away” and the member will receive much smaller commissions.

Monoline MLM Plan

The monoline MLM plan, also known as single leg MLM plan or linear MLM plan is a straight line MLM plan with only a single leg for each member. Members can receive monthly revenue from every member below them, even those they do not sponsor. The monoline MLM plan is similar in many ways to the matrix plan. One of its biggest advantages is that there is no limit or mandatory level for this plan to work.

Spillover Binary Plan

MLM plans like the binary plan and matrix plan always have a possibility of spillover. In the spillover binary plan, an extra leg is attached to the Binary MLM plan other than the right and left leg. Lead generation and downline recruitment are the most important factors of this plan. Members also have to ensure that their downlines remain active. Inactive downlines are detrimental in the spillover binary plan.

Australian X-Up Plan

The Australian X-Up plan is a variation of the unilevel MLM plan. In this plan, a member has to pass up their initial X sales to their upline. After that, the member can receive commissions on their next sales. When the downline of the member performs a sale, they have to pass up their first X sales to the member. This keeps carrying on up to the top levels. The plan is linked with one-time sales, and there are no residuals.

EmGoldex MLM Plan

The EmGoldex MLM plan focuses on the advertising requirements and makes it easier to increase the sales volume of the products. The profit of members from the plan depends very much on the activities of your downline. Significant bonuses or rewards cannot be achieved if one of the legs is inactive. So it is important to keep the downline active and motivated to earn profits.

MMM Global MLM Plan

The MMM global MLM plan can be considered as an extension of the Gift plan. It consists of 2 actions, ‘provide help’ where the members transfer funds and ‘get help' where members who provided help can request to receive funds. The details of the help provided must be always updated to request 'get help'.


These are the 15 best MLM plans for your multi-level marketing business. Choosing an MLM plan that suits you is one of the most important decisions to take in your MLM journey. So make sure that you learn in detail about MLM plans before joining a multi-level marketing business.


15 Best MLM Plans for your Multi Level Marketing Business
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