The Carton Packaging Is The Winner – Here Is Why!

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Tap into the fridge or check out the pantry, and you will find something similar; what’s that? Yes, we are talking about the carton boxes. These not-so-humble carton boxes have penetrated the houses and offices alike. Ranging from cosmetics to milk, cereal to the toy boxes, and electronic boxes, there is one or another way of custom display boxes and carton boxes making way into space. 

For the most part, the cartoons have been around for centuries, and they are here to stay. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that carton’s demand keeps spiking up. For instance, one report suggests that the carton packaging market will worth around $171.35 billion by 2025, but this number isn’t limited to the US only. Accrediting to the growing economy, Asia Pacific will make around $80 billion by 2025. 

On the other hand, the companies have understood the importance, functionality, aesthetics, and affordability associated with carton boxes and retail display boxes. It’s evident that cartoon boxes are hard to beat. These boxes are not only cost-effective but are extremely easy to use and have the capacity to attract the users’ eye. Well, that’s pretty impressive for one box! 

What Is A Carton Box?

For the most part, it’s a box but not every box is a carton (confusing, right?). There are variating definitions of cartons out there, and that’s the prime reason that corrugated boxes and rigid boxes aren’t necessarily cartons. Even more, the boxes made out of wood aren’t called cartons. Sorry to make it more confusing, but there are different names for cartons out there. 

Ranging from folding carton boxes to chipboard boxes and paperboard boxes, there are different terms out there. Irrespective of what you call them, these can be found anywhere. To illustrate, a carton is defined as a folding box made from paperboard. The paperboard undergoes cutting, lamination, folding, and printing before it’s pushed to the ultimate usage. 

Using Carton Boxes For Packaging – The Benefits

The carton boxes are extremely beautiful, practical, and eco-friendly, which makes them great for packaging purposes. The carton boxes are famous for ensuring efficient utilization of the space since they are lightweight and can be folded flat. That being said, it’s extremely easy to stack them, hence saving space in the warehouse. 

The cartons are designed with a folding design which means quick and convenient reclosing and opening. The best thing about carton boxes is that they are perfect for automatic packaging, which leads to easy filling and sealing (even with the automatic machinery). The carton boxes are made from reasonably-priced raw material, hence the low-price factor. 

What we love most about carton packaging is that it’s extremely flexible and versatile since it can store any product you want. Also, there are never any compromises on durability and strength, so the products remain safe. 

Easy Customization 

Long gone the times when companies were okay with simple brown boxes and customers didn’t mind either because now, the companies, as well as customers, are extremely particular about how the boxes look. That being said, the carton boxes can be customized just as you like (no more boring boxes). The carton boxes can take on personality and creativity. 

With the implication of the right design, the carton boxes will be transformed into eye-catching boxes. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that these boxes are often the first impression of your brand in front of the customers, so you’ve to make it big. According to research, the first impression is created within 17 milliseconds (that’s fast, right?), so you have to make a quick impression. 

The carton boxes are designed to be conducive to the packaging design, and they will improve the wow factor in no time. The carton boxes are made from paperboard, and this material is extremely customization and printing-friendly. Ranging from two-sided prints to high-end graphics, the carton boxes can be customized as you like. 

The carton boxes are equally practical since the companies can include whichever information they want (the product description). In particular, this is an important consideration for food companies since companies can print down elaborated nutritional information on the box. On top of everything, the carton boxes can be designed into different sizes and shapes. 


It’s hard to find companies and customers that don’t care about eco-friendliness anymore. This is because everyone has become too aware of how different materials and products are harming the environment. For this reason, the demand for eco-friendly packaging is increasing, and carton boxes are one of the most eco-friendly options available out there. 

In addition, the paperboard can be recycled and reused since it’s non-toxic. The most intriguing factor is that the carton boxes easily break down, which actually work as motivation for recycling the materials. Lastly, the carton boxes can be made from non-wood or recycled paper pulp, hence no excessive tree cutting either!

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