A couple of weeks ago I had my first technical interview ever. It was only a mock interview, but anyway I felt rather anxious. I didn’t really know what to expect: of course, I did my Google-based research but all the information that I found was pretty controversial — some folks had a lot of theoretical questions, some did some algorithm tasks, some were asked to build a small app. As I got later, my research was rather valid and, well, realistic. You actually never know, how exactly your interview will be conducted. It depends on so many factors so please be ready for anything!

So, let me share my experience on the mock interview with SKILLED.

The whole concept of SKILLED is really awesome. It is a company that sets up mock technical interviews between job seekers and coaches. All the coaches are tech professionals with years of development and also hiring experience. The interview takes 1 hour and is conducted remotely, which is quite convenient, considering the on-going health crisis.

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Mock Technical Interview with SKILLED: what to expect
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