Python f-Strings - Advanced String Formatting tutorial for beginners

Learn how to use Python f-strings to format your strings in a less verbose way and with extra string formatting options. You may have used concatenation, percent signs, or the string format method before, but f-Strings are the current modern way to format strings in Python.

Learn how to use f-strings, a new and powerful way to format strings in Python 3.6+. With f-strings, you can easily embed expressions inside strings, making your code more readable and concise. This tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about f-strings, from the basics to more advanced concepts.

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(00:00) Intro
(00:05) Welcome
(00:14) How We've Been Inserting Values into Strings
(01:21) Formatting with percent signs
(03:44) The .format() method
(04:30) Why move on to f-Strings?
(10:06) f-Strings examples
(13:38) Passing format options
(18:43) Updating Rock Paper Scissors with f-Strings

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Python Tutorial for Beginners: f-Strings
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