A Movie Site Built By Spring Boot and React.js Based on Front-end and Back-end Separation

How to run

Firstly, clone it

> $ git clone git@github.com:InnoFang/jokul.git
> $ cd jokul

Secondly, add data and modify configuration

For the first run, the server data is empty. You have to add data by yourself and configure your local movie resource.

Luckily, you can use the test data, But you have to pay attention to the following points :

  • You need to run the TypeRepositoryTest file first, then run the MovieRepositoryTest file, because there is a dependency on Type in Movie.
  • The test methods mentioned in the above documents are tagged @Ignore, so you need to comment out the annotation before running the test data.

After that, set your MySql information and your local movie resource in application.yml

What must be mentioned is that the role of storage.resource in the application.yml

  location: upload-dir
  source: E:/Movie/%s.mp4

The value of source is a string template that indicate the location and type/suffix of your movies.In this project, The suffix of the movie file must be mp4, and all of the movie in the directory, for me is the E:/Movie/ in my computer , which must be named same as the title of movie in your database, otherwise it cannot find and load the movie source correctly when you want to play it.

Thirdly, deploy server

Use maven

> $ mvn spring-boot:run

After a while, you can access the server data.

Reference the Server data interface

Last but not least, run the client

> $ cd client

You can use npm

> $ npm start

or yarn

> $ yarn start

Wait few seconds, you can see it in your browser and the url is http://localhost:3000

Server data interface

  • Get movie list GET http://localhost:8080/jokul/movie-list/{page}
  • Get movie detail GET http://localhost:8080/jokul/{title}
  • Upload movie file POST http://localhost:8080/jokul/play/{movie}
  • Get all the movie types GET http://localhost:8080/jokul/types
  • Get a list of movies by type GET http://localhost:8080/jokul/{type}/{page}
  • Get resource links for all the uploaded movies GET http://localhost:8080/jokul/movie-src-list




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Download Details:

Author: InnoFang

Source Code: https://github.com/InnoFang/jokul

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A Movie Site Built By Spring Boot and React.js Based on Front-end and Back-end Separation
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