Before getting into building the blockchain, you need to understand some of the basics of blockchain.

As the name suggests, A Blockchain is a “chain of Blocks”. Each block contains a “Block Number”, “Nonce”, “Information (data)” where particular transaction takes place, “Previous Hash” and, “hash”.

All the Blocks in the Blockchain are linked to each other with the “hash” variable. A “hash” contains information of the previous block in the chain and that’s what keeps the entire chain-linked and connected. This hash is nothing but some keys which are some shuffled characters made from cryptographic algorithms (such as: SHA256, SHA512, SHA6 etc.)

Let’s take SH256 Alogorithm: contains 64 Characters (1, 2….9,0 &A, B, C, …. E, F) and 256 bits (4X64) each character.

Let’s get started

Explained step-by-step

(Here’s the code if you’d like to follow along)

Install Library

Make sure you have the most recent version of Python (Spider) installed. And for doing the requests, I used Postman. Also, you need to install two Python libraries called Flask and Requests, Library Needed:

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Learn Blockchain by Building One using Python
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