In the US alone, the education industry has a worth of $1350 Billion. World over, the education industry generates $5.6 trillion in revenue.

The major driver of growth in the US today is online education.

Innovators, entrepreneurs, and businesses are looking for ways to implement creative edtech ideas. The process is the same as it is with any other startup, find a pain point, and give its solution.

The online education industry in the US will reach $350 billion by the year 2025.

The intelligence-driven education industry is solving a wide range of student issues.

Be it easy access to study material, online classes, adaptive learning, or gamification. These features help build up a student’s interest.

Similar education business ideas will further improve the online education industry.

It will move towards better stages of development.

But it does take innovative ideas in the edtech field to disrupt the market and present new arenas of growth.

We are going to discuss:

  1. Platform for Special Kids
  2. Studying with Augmented Reality
  3. Course Selection with AI
  4. Teacher Lessons Marketplace
  5. Visualizing the Concepts
  6. Choosing a Good School or University
  7. Live Classroom with Robotic Camera
  8. Online Education Fairs and Summits
  9. Subject-Specific Community Education Platforms
  10. Gamified Courses and Classes
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