Simple CRUD with React Native

📚 Simple CRUD with React Native

Application snapshot

Application developed as an assignment to college, subject Development for Mobile Devices, at UFPR, in order to learn building React Native applications. The project seeks to apply knowledge in functional components, screens navigation, Context API and reducers; This application is fully offline (no external data fetching).

The intent was to create a simple notes application with CRUD operations (create, read, update & delete) to explore the React API in mobile devices environment. We should have a screen to display a list of existing notes, feature to delete notes and features to see/edit new or existing notes in another screen. The state should be managed by React Context API and changes dispatched to a reducer.

🏆 Lessons Learned

  • Build a swipeable component;
  • React Native Navigation (stack mode);
  • React Context API (including useContext hook);
  • useReducer hooks to dispatch actions;
  • Babel plugin jsx-control-statements!!! AWESOME 😍

🚀 Technologies & Resources


  • React Native
  • Expo Framework


  • Visual Studio Code
  • NPM routines

🔨 Setting up the Environment

Make sure to have Node.js 10+ installed in your machine and its npm available in the command line, then use the following routines:

$ npm install   # download all dependencies
$ npm start     # run development server

⚡ Features

  • [x] List all existing notes;
  • [x] Delete a note by swiping left/right;
  • [x] Create new note with title and body; and
  • [x] Editing existing note.

Download Details:

Author: juliolmuller

Source Code:

#react-native #react #mobile-apps

Simple CRUD with React Native
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