Writing 200+ lines of YAML code just to deploy a Microservice on Kubernetes is a massive pain for a DevOps engineer.

CDK8s can be used to remove all that duplicate code, and make it easier to deploy your Microservice without having to write massive YAML manifests.

We also get the ability to write code using our favorite object oriented languages.

We will be writing a sample CDK8s chart using TypeScript and opensource CDK8s constructs.

Constructs used :

  • @opencdk8s/cdk8s-redis-sts *v0.0.7
  • cdk8s-plus-17 *v1.0.0-beta.8
  1. Initialize CDK8s project
mkdir cdk8s-node-app && cd cdk8s-node-app
cdk8s init typescript-app

2. Install construct libraries

npm install @opencdk8s/cdk8s-redis-sts 

#kubernetes #cdk8s #cdk #typescript

Deploying a Simple NodeJS Microservice using CDK8s
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